"This is a conscious gathering catering to all ages, colours, shapes and forms"


& substance abuse

This is a gathering of playful, peaceful celebration with the intention of bringing in the New Year with full-power health and happiness.

As such, under no circumstances will we tolerate any dangerous, disrespectful or unruly behaviour in this space.

We expect every individual to self-regulate and take responsibility for their personal vibe AND that of their friends.

Please “love thy self and thy neighbour” at all times. We will have a nurse and a medic on site, but we hope they will be

dealing with nothing more than some friendly scrapes from bushes which appear out of nowhere. It happens, mos. 


NOTE: If you have any intention of getting seriously intoxicated and consequently behaving in a way which may be harmful or

inconsiderate towards other people, our animals, environment, and space, then please respectfully bow out now.

In other words, NO hard drugs or alcohol abuse.

The Directors and Staff of Wild Spirit Lodge reserve the right at all times to immediately remove

anyone from our property who we feel is

negatively affecting the atmosphere or safety of our other guests.

Please honour and respect these ground rules.


Check - In

This is an Eco-Conscious Camping festival.

To facilitate ease and avoid congestion at the gate, please aim to arrive and set up camp between

12pm and NO LATER than 6pm on day of arrival.


If you would like to come a day early, or stay on a few days after to enjoy some down time and the epic collaborative jams which historically occur around the fires,

then camping is charged at R140 per night, and should be settled upon arrival.

Please indicate on your application form or send a follow up email closer to the time to wsfestivaloffriends@gmail.com.


When you arrive you will park and head to the REGISTRATION STATION.

Here you will be asked to present your:

  • ID & copy of proof of payment for your ticket

  • personal reference number (as used on payment)

  • car registration and names of people in car


Tickets are to be reserved & paid for in advance - either in full or by 50% non-refundable deposit.

The balance must be paid in CASH ONLY as there are NO CARD facilities at the gate.

Once registered, you will receive your wristband and a sticker for both your car and your tent – this should be visible at all times for our friendly Campsite Wardens to see.


You will then commence on your Welcome Walk with one of our lovely Earth Angels...



Cash is Queen

 Essential for the Gate, Food, Bar, Craft & Private Wellness Sessions
(The farm stall up the road takes cards and there are ATM’S at the two petrol stations nearby in the Crags)

Cars and Parking


Please Think Green!

Lift shares and carpooling are encouraged!

Please see FB Event Page to get involved as Parking is very limited on the farm.

The fewer cars, the better chance of everyone parking closer to the Festival Zone and Campsite.


Please note: Parking inside the Campsite is limited and on a first come first serve basis.

There is one main Parking lot which will be clearly indicated - No cars will be allowed outside of this space.

CAMPER VANS: There are 10 sites allocated for Camper vans inside the Campsite - first come, first serve basis 

No cars will be allowed to drive in and out of the campsite from 5pm in the afternoon until 10am the next morning

during the 5 days of the festival unless directly related to Production.

If you go adventuring outside of Wild Spirit during the day and lose your

parking spot inside, you will then park in the front field and use the footpath to get in and out.

Wheelbarrows will be available to transport your gear if needed – ask the Campsite Wardens!


  • Pets
  • Fireworks

  • Hard drugs

  • Firearms or any other weapons (security will be present)

  • Caravans or vehicles bigger than a 4x4

  • Bad vibes or badly behaved friends 

  • Personal Sound systems 

  • Excessive packaging/plastic/environmentally toxic products

  • NO evil glitter please, it is walking MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and impossible to clean up! 

What to BRING

  • CUP/JAR 

  • Mask, Sanitiser

  • Cash (for Gate, Food, Bar and Crafts)

  • Head Torches, LED solar lights and portable Charging station for your phones

  • Your own bowl/cutlery/cup or jar for Food stalls and Bar

  • Baboon-proof food storage (locked coolerboxes work best)

  • Reusable water bottles (we don’t sell bottled water)

  • Closed shoes for Night Time campsite missions and forest walks

  • Gumboots and umbrellas (for rain and sun)

  • Hats, sunblock and insect repellent (eco-friendly options preferred)

  • Spades & gardening gloves (marked with your name)
  • Warm clothes, cool clothes, FANCY DRESS CLOTHES and those in which to get dirty in the forest!

  • Bio-degradable/Natural soap and shampoo (grey-water friendly)

  • Personal stash of loo paper

  • Yoga mats/Rugs/cushions for chilling

  • Toys (hoops, fire, face paint, dress up, bubbles) 

  • Acoustic instruments, gees, bells and whistles

  • Dancing boots for a takkie squeak, and your favourite friend

  • Best dresses and coat tails to jam the night away with new friends and fireflies under a gorgeous African sky

Barefoot Buddha Bar

Conscious Party Zone


Only respectful interactions, smiles and cash will be accepted at this bar!

The Buddha bar will open every evening in the campsite at 4pm from the 28th Dec through to the 2nd of January.

No tabs or cards. CASH only.

 There is a strict NO GLASSES policy in the campsite due to all the BAREFOOT activity.

We make exceptions for wine and beer bottles, which go straight into Recycling.

Bring your own Plastic or Tin receptacle, or a strong Jar with a lid - top tip from Ola as a good way to partaaay without losing

the contents of your drink to the dance floor! 

 Please Note: This Bar is a CONSCIOUS PARTY ZONE. 

On sale will be delicious, local, liquid treats and in exchange, you will bring your best manners, respect and attitude to the space. 

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