Covid-19 Precautions and Guidelines







Refunds/ Cancellation Policy

If we cancel:

As a safe-guard in these strange Corona-madness times, we have decided that should this event be cancelled at the last minute by the powers that be, the FULL amount paid for your festival pass/accommodation will be 100% convertible into either an accommodation voucher to be used at Wild Spirit within the next 5 years or a festival pass/accommodation for next year’s festival - as per your choice.

If you cancel:

Tickets are not refundable but they are TRANSFERABLE to another person.  Should your plans change and you are unable to attend, please let us know who will be taking over your ticket no later than the 26th December. We will need time to process their application form before we can confirm the transfer. 

Alternatively, we will convert the amount you paid into a voucher (as above).


Health and Safety Precautions


While we believe in the power of freedom to make one’s own personal choices, we also encourage respect for different points of view and aligning with governmental protocol as recommended at the time, in order to run this event safely and without any hitches. 

One of the important guidelines that will be implemented this year is the request for ALL ticket holders to bring your own DRINKING RECEPTACLES of choice. We recommend jars, with lids for spill-free and sanitary jolling.

We will also have Jars for sale at the Buddha Bar. This is a feature which will remain in place into the future to promote zero-waste partying. 

In Addition: 

  • Temperature checks at the Gate by the Welcome Committee will be mandatory

  • No Masks, No Entry. Masks to be kept on your person at all times and used in congested areas such as the Bar and Food stalls. Please respect a request from a fellow festival friend to wear your mask whilst engaging with them.

  • Sanitation stations will be set up at the Gate, Bar, and all food and water points.

  • Social distancing practices are encouraged. Please respect requests for spacial distance from fellow attendees and do not impose your views on them should you disagree. 

  • NB: Bring your own DRINKING RECEPTACLE!  Jars will also be on sale at the Bar. 

We will do everything within our power to maintain safe health practices, but the onus is on each one of us to use common sense, be respectful of one another, and generally behave in a responsible manner.