"Love thy Self, and thy Neighbour, Plants and Animals"


Our Wild Bush Camp is entirely off the grid.

We use a donkey boiler, compost toilets and urinals for the men.

Sites are on a first come first serve basis.
Some spots are shady, others get more sun. Please come prepared to be comfortable, self-sufficient and wildlife savvy!

We ask you to be conscious of your neighbours regarding the size of your tent in relation to

 the space you use and amount of bodies occupying it.

Big tents need big spaces of which we don’t have many owing to the nature of our forest campsite.

There are no power points in the campsite, but there will be a charging station for phones at the Buddha bar. 

WASTE / MOOP (Matter Out Of Place)

We recycle everything we can on the farm. Please participate in this Environmental drive by:

  1. bringing as little waste onto the farm as possible and

  2. separating all of your waste into the appropriate bins around the Bush Kitchen during and after the event  


We expect you to leave your campsite as natural and free of human footprint as you found it, both for the sake of the forest itself 

as well as its wild inhabitants, who will be casing the joint for snacks!

Please do not feed or tempt them. 

Remember the MOOP policy at all times. 

Campsite wardens will be keeping an eye on shenanigans.



There will be various stalls selling local, lovingly prepared, ethically sourced food for breakfast and dinner – CASH ONLY

You can walk to the delicious Natures Way farm stall at the top of our road which is open between 9am-5pm, or

 drive to the Peppermill Restaurant or Natures Valley beach restaurant for lunch


Simple bush kitchen facilities and cooking fires are available for use.



Our team will be monitoring and lighting the evening fires around the Bush Kitchen and Bar.

One fire pit is for cooking, the other for chilling.

If you are self-catering, please bring all your own utensils, washing up items and braai grids.

We will provide firewood for the duration of the festival.



All food and cooking related waste to be separated into the appropriate bins around the Bush Kitchen.

For the sake of the forest and wildlife - Please do not leave rubbish lying around! 


Mid-summer is a HIGH FIRE RISK time of year.

For the safety of all, we strictly forbid private fires anywhere on the farm.

This includes portable braai’s, which you are of course welcome to use around the Bush Kitchen.

Campsite wardens will be patrolling regularly and anyone found to be contravening this

important environmental guideline will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

We need your help and support to ensure that this safety guideline is strictly adhered to at all times. 

You will be given a Welcome Walk which, among other things, includes health, safety and environmental awareness. 

Please report to the Buddha Bar immediately if you notice concerning activity or smoke where it should not be.  

Fire Buckets will be stationed around the campsite for hand-washing and Emergency Fire Relief.

Please use them where necessary.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!



Please remember that an unconsciously flicked cigarette butt has been the cause of many a serious wildfire.

The dry alien vegetation around the campsite requires us all to be super responsible regarding the manner in which we dispose of cigarette butts.


We will have a big stash of CIGARETTE BUTT TINS. These are to be taken to your campsite.

There is a BUTT DEPOT at the RECYCLING STATION where you can empty your tin every day.

Please bring your own portable containers for cigarette butts and respect non smokers/children by being mindful of your surroundings.

ABLUTIONS and the National Drought


The whole of Southern Africa is experiencing a serious and pervasive drought.

Summer is a time when the water tables are particularly low  #capetonianswillknow

As it is also the busiest time of year on our farm,

the natural spring will be under severe pressure to accommodate all the needs.



Are STRICTLY limited to 2-minute power-showers throughout the festival.

Please, please respect this important environmental guideline.

Running out of water is serious and not a vibe for anyone.

Our donkey boiler, Lucinda, will be making hot water between 8-10am and 5-7pm daily.

As an alternative to showering here, drive down to Nature’s Valley for a refreshing swim

and rinse under the outdoor showers at the parking lots  #toptip


As we run a natural grey water system in the campsite, we would appreciate the use of

earth friendly soaps in washing basins and showers.

We stock these in our craft shop at the Lodge.


Compost toilets are dotted around the campsite.

We expect all campers to follow the user friendly instructions and keep it clean in there!

Please bring your own stash of loo paper in case of rush-hour emergencies   #thestruggleisreal

Men are welcome and encouraged to water faraway trees   #thedroughtisreal

Please make use of your head-torches late at night   #snakesarereal


Baboons and other Animals


These beautiful, wild, foraging creatures share the indigenous forests surrounding

the campsite with us.

They are not dangerous by nature, but if you leave food or rubbish in and around your

tent your supplies will most likely get raided  #truestory  

We do not want to encourage them to explore the campsite so please  #keepitcleanmos

  • Store food in your car or bring lockable food storage bins for all your snacks

  • Don’t leave rubbish bags outside your tent or car


  • Please don’t kill our spiders! They are an important part of this eco-system

  • Always watch out for scorpions if you scuffle around in old, leafy, or decaying wood matter

  • Snakes are around in the summer months - ninja eyes to the ground at all times (Please IMMEDIATELY report sightings of puff adders - fat golden brown snakes with triangular markings - to the BUDDHA BAR so we can safely relocate them)

  • Bring and use torches when walking in the campsite at night                                                                      

  •    For festival and future life purposes we highly recommend investing in a head torch which you can tie to your body while you play


  • Please don’t bring your DOGS! We would so love to accommodate them but it is too disruptive for our own family menagerie of animals when we are so busy

  • Exceptions will only be made in the case of guide dogs or those belonging to travelling performers



Noise / Personal Sound systems / Respect for sleeping people

We all disapprove of those neighbours at festivals who keep us up with their personal and questionable taste in music and loud drunken ramblings, or startle us awake with a loud cackle while we’re enjoying some valuable rest.

Please don’t be that guy. And if you accidentally are, expect and accept complaints.

Camp wardens will have their ears to the ground to promote a peaceful, safe, regenerative campsite.

Please help them!